New Retailer Application

  • Questions? Call 860-274-4443. Fax completed form to: 860-274-4469 or email to

  • 1. $2,000 minimum opening order including all brands
  • 2. Free shipping on orders $2,000 including all brands
  • 3. 10% discount on orders over $2,000 including all brands
  • 4. 10% discount on all orders placed on the Dealer website
  • 5. Additional 3% discount on orders paid according to terms with cash. (Cash = ACH, check) must be received prior to due date
  • 6. Minimum annual order of $500. If a Dealer should not, for a reason, purchase $500 on any given year, the Dealer will then need to purchase a minimum of $2,000 to reestablish Dealer status.
  • 7. A copy of every Dealer's Business Registration is required.
  • 8. Sales taxes will be charged on all orders unless a sales tax exemption is received prior to ordering.
  • The following information is required to establish a new Dealer account:
Retailer Information
Delivery Address

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